Burmilla breed
Burmilla is a cross-mating of chinchilla persian and burmese. Burmilla developement began in 1981 
	in England when accidently silver Chincilla male and lilac burmese mated. Burmese gave birth to 
	four healthy and extraordinary beautiful black shaded silver kittens. 
	FIFE ( Fédération Internationale Féline ) recognized burmilla breed in 1995.
	First burmillas to Finland was brought from Denmark in 1996. Still there are very few burmillas 
	in Finland.
Burmilla competes in shorthaired Group III, in two group of colours: Group I (non-orange): 
	Black or Seal/Blue/Chocolate/Lilac/Cinnamon/Fawn silver shaded/shell (BML n/a/b/c/o/p s 11/12 )
	Group II (orange): Red/Cream/Tortie silver shaded/shell (BML d/e/f/g/h/j/q/r s 11/12) 
General: Burmilla is beautiful and short-haired cat. It has elegant body-type of burmese and the
	colour and stunning big green eyes of chinchilla. Burmillas are medium-sized and weight 
	around 6-7 kg. Body is muscular and firm with rounded chest and strong straight back. Avarage 
	lifespan is >15 years.
Legs: Medium-lenght, substantial, strong and slender legs. Hind legs are little longer than the front. 
	Paws are oval and neat.
Head: The head has a slightly rounded top with medium width between ears. Strong chin and short nose. 
Tail is medium to long, thick at the base tapering to a slightly rounded tip.
Coat is short, soft, dense and silky. Ground colour is pure silver-white, with darker tips or shading.
Temperament: Burmillas are active, human-oriented, extremely affectionate and very social cats. They 
	love attention and they need to be part of the family. Burmillas are very intelligent and quickly 
	can learn how to solve problems like opening doors. They are very curious and fallow their owners 
	whatever they do. Burmillas are playfull and anything in the house can become a toy. They also make
	excellent family pets generally being good with children. Over all burmillas are irresistable cats!

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